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We believe in sustainability, we believe in collaborative process, we believe that architecture has a pivotal role in the society and therefore we accept the responsability.

A strong appreciation for a collaborative process of dialogue and knowledge transfer as a means of achieving a new understanding and giving it tangible expression is at the core of the approach of the studio.
​Collaboration that fosters mutual exchange of knowledge with professionals in different fields of building and construction is an essential part of the process of creating good design.
​It is always about striking a balance between a well-managed process of design and a willingness to remain open to an exchange with professionals involved in the project, each bringing their own expertise to the process.

The studio understands the notion of project to mean a space of possibility and cooperation between different points of view.
​Design is a democratic process where it is possible to experiment contaminations between arts and finding new potentials in the borderline area in-between one and another. 

We strongly believe that art, and particularly architecture, doesn't need to reveal itself.

On the contrary, it is a question of sophisticated games based on hints that only viewers can achieve and complete.​

In our approach to architecture we combine innovation with experience and a sense of respect for tradition and locality.​Therefore, it is not about a geographical position but rather about an attitude that combines experience with openness and curiosity for experimentation.

Our goal is to create architecture and milieus that are functional, technically and ecologically sustainable, of aesthetically high quality, and committed to the location.​

We have humbly learnt the appropriate methods of working with wood and steel from the masters of craftsmanship and enjoyed the seamless cooperation with the most skillful of structural engineers.

Approach to a new project

Phase 1 — Design Concepts

In this first phase, we work with you to develop a broad-brush design concept and understanding. We define a general design program that will identify what your priorities are for the project. We will meet with you on site and assess the site context, applicable code requirements, climatic features, and design aesthetic. At the end of this phase we provide a series of Concept Drawings and images describing the overall design vision. Phase 1 is approximately 150 hours.

Phase 1 Services include:

- 1 initial site visit/​client meeting
- Conceptual design development
- 2 follow-up client meetings
- Design Concept Drawings:
- Precedent Study
- Architectural site analysis and diagram
- Concept floor plans
- 3D sketch vignette


Phase 2 — Pricing & Permitting Drawings

Building upon the information developed in the first phase of service, we continue to work with our clients to refine the design. During this Phase, you are able to make informed decisions concerning the project’s program, building size, massing, materials, permit restrictions, and budget requirements. At the completion of this phase we provide you with a set of Pricing Drawings suitable for building permitting and general pricing of the project by qualified builders. Also, at the completion of Phase 2, we are usually at the mid-point of our services.

Phase 2 Services follow Phase 1 Services and include:

- 4 client design development meetings
- Pricing & Permitting Set Drawings:
- Dimensioned Site Plan
- Dimensioned Floor Plan(s)
- Building Elevations: overall forms and materials
- Building Sections: typical assemblies, floor levels and structural concepts
- Preliminary Structural design and coordination
- Door and Window Schedules
- Project Outline Specifications
- Issue Pricing & Permitting Set Drawings with Project Budget Estimate Form
- Review of itemized construction budget and assist in Contractor selection


Phase 3 — Construction Documents & Construction Administration

This phase of architectural services includes Construction Documents, Interior Architecture, and Construction Administration. We work with you to build upon the information defined in Phases 1 & 2, and develop a set of Construction Documents that address areas of the interiors, architectural detailing, structural components and design integration, along with comprehensive materials and fixture selections, and value engineering. We provide Construction Administration services that include regular site visits, field reports, and review of Contractor
Applications for Payment.

Phase 3 Services follow Phase 1 & 2 services and include:

- 6 – 8 client meetings
- Construction Drawings and Documents:
- Building Sections and Details
- Primary Interior Elevations
- Casework and trim details
- Room Finish Schedule and Fixture Selections Schedules
- Lighting Plan with Lighting fixtures Schedule
- Coordination of Structural Engineering and Detailing
- Bi-weekly job site visits
- Field Reports and Meeting Minutes
- Issue Design Clarification Drawings (SK Drawings) as necessary
- Review Applications for Payments

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